Wall Dives

Wall Dives

Wall diving in Roatan, HondurasWall diving on Roatan is truly impressive and is what our island is most famous for amongst divers. Vertical drop-offs offer some of the best visibility and variety of marine life. Giant sponges, sea plumes, deep water sea fans and black corals provide habitat for a wealth of creatures and the proximity to greater depths means encounters with larger pelagics such as eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, manta rays and large jacks are possible. Divers of all levels can enjoy these breathtaking walls that start as shallow as 20 feet/ 6 metres and drop to 100 feet/30 metres and beyond.


Diver’s tip: Look occasionally into the blue for larger fish and keep an eye on your depth gauge.

Blue-line(Full)Wall diving in Roatan, HondurasWall diving in Roatan, HondurasHammerhead Shark in Roatan, HondurasShrimp on a wall dive in Roatan


Marine life around Roatan and the Bay IslandsFor more information on the marine life that inhabits the reef’s around Roatan, check out the book by Mickey Charteris titled, Caribbean Reef Life of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. www.caribbeanreeflife.com


It is an essential companion on any diving trip to the Bay Islands or the entire region!

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