Macro Dives

Macro Dives

Underwater photograph of a Gaudy Clown Crab

Photographers, “go slow” divers and dive nerds (like us) who love to spend more time swimming gently over a smaller area are often rewarded with incredible finds usually missed by other divers. Symbiotic relationships, territorial behaviors, egg protection and incubation, hunting tactics, camouflage techniques and more can be observed amongst coral formations, around sponges and on the sea floor. Seahorses, pipefish, blennies, nudibranchs, small crustaceans and tiny juveniles can also be found with keen eyes. Our dive leaders will tell you what to look for and where to find these amazing creatures and will share their finds with you, too, so you’ll return home with excellent pictures and great memories.


Diver’s tip: Go slow, look, then look again.


Juvenile Trunkfish known as a peaSeahorse off West End, RoatanNudibranchs on Roatan diveAmazing underwater photograph of a blennyBlue-line(Full)

Reef life around Roatan and the Bay IslandsFor more information on the marine life that inhabits the reef’s around Roatan, check out the book by Mickey Charteris titled, Caribbean Reef Life of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.


It is an essential companion on any diving trip to the Bay Islands or the entire region!

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