Drift Dives

Drift Dives

School of fish on Roatans reef

Roatan is blessed with mild to moderate currents and calm surface conditions, making drift diving here available to all divers. Currents carry plankton-rich waters, attracting an abundance of marine life and keeping the reefs healthy and vibrant. On these dives you can experience the sensation of “flying” underwater surrounded by “raining fish”. Our experienced team of guides and boat captains know the local conditions well and will ensure that you experience these exhilarating dives to the fullest. Finding the right current for each group and providing our divers with unforgettable experiences is what we do best.


Diver’s tip: Try swimming out amongst the schooling fish.

School of fish in the blueRoatans soft coral in the currentTrumpetfish on a Roatan diveScuba diving Roatan


Marine life around Roatan and the Bay IslandsFor more information on the marine life that inhabits the reef’s around Roatan, check out the book by Mickey Charteris titled, Caribbean Reef Life of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. www.caribbeanreeflife.com


It is an essential companion on any diving trip to the Bay Islands or the entire region!

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