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Aerial view of reef by West Bay, Roatan

Roatan’s fringing coral reef is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, that runs from Mexico, down to Panama.  This diverse ecosystem is found on Roatan just a few hundred feet from shore, offering exhilarating diving encompassing the entire island.


Aerial view of reef in Roatan


Roatan offers a variety of different types of dive sites. One can experience the thrills of wall diving and drift diving or glide amongst coral formations that line underwater canyons and swim-thru’s. Tackle the adventures of a specialty dive and explore one of several wrecks or take part in the “Shark Dive”. Roatan is also teeming with macrolife and our guides have a keen eye for the littlest of creatures. The west-facing side of the island is the most popular for divers due to calmer sea conditions and an abundance of marine life. Turtles, rays, eels, large sponges, pristine coral formations, lobsters, crabs and an amazing variety of reef fish are regular sightings in the area. Excellent visibility, warm waters and gentle currents make it a perfect setting for divers of all levels.

Dive site map of Roatan

Marine life around Roatan and the Bay IslandsFor more information on the marine life that inhabits the reef’s around Roatan, check out the book by Mickey Charteris titled, Caribbean Reef Life of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. www.caribbeanreeflife.com


It is an essential companion on any diving trip to the Bay Islands or the entire region!

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