Canyons and Swim Thrus

Canyons and Swim Thrus

Jackknife Fish while diving RoatanRoatan’s fringing reef offers some of the most diverse topography for the adventurous diver.  Overhangs, cracks, canyons, deep channels and ravines can be found on several dive sites and are excellent hiding places for many shy species of fish and creatures such as spotted drum, groupers, eels, lobsters, crabs and shrimp. These dive sites are also great locations for practicing and perfecting buoyancy control techniques and provide a sense of being amongst the reef, much like the creatures that live in it. Many of these dive spots are shallow, making our afternoon dives even more fun.


Diver’s tip: Take a Peak Performance Buoyancy class to fine-tune your skills and enjoy these dives to the fullest.

Scuba diving in RoatanGrouper on the reefMoray Eel in the reefScuba diving in RoatanBlue-line(Full)

Reef life around Roatan and the Bay IslandsFor more information on the marine life that inhabits the reef’s around Roatan, check out the book by Mickey Charteris titled, Caribbean Reef Life of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.


It is an essential companion on any diving trip to the Bay Islands or the entire region!

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